Each mandolin I build is truly one of a kind. Because I don’t subcontract out any aspect of the building process I feel I can legitimately make that claim. I use hot hide glue in the construction process as well as top quality woods. My goal is to deliver an instrument that will remain within a family for generations giving a sense of connection to those who have gone before. 

For the original owner, any issue to do with the construction of your mandolin, other than that caused by mishandling or natural wear and tear, will be promptly remedied. 

 I offer a 2 week trial period with all my builds. It’s important to me that you love your new instrument.

 Payment must be made in full before shipping. I will cover the cost of delivery within Canada and the United States. Return transportation cost( including Warranty work returns) are not covered.

For custom builds, I ask for a $500 deposit and encourage as much interaction as the customer feels comfortable with. We can discuss everything from neck contour to woods, hardware,  inlays and stains.