Each instrument I build is truly one of a kind. Because I don’t subcontract out any aspect of the building process I feel I can legitimately make that claim. My goal is to deliver a mandolin that will perhaps stay within a family for generations giving a sense of connection to those who have gone before. 

Any issue, other than that caused by natural wear and tear or mishandling of an instrument, will be promptly remedied. I want to promote a feeling of trust and reliability as I put a lot of effort into building my mandolins. If a customer has a query, I want to address it.

Also,  I offer a 2 week trial period with all my builds as it can take a little while to get accustomed to a new instrument.

With regards to purchasing, payment must be made in full before shipping. I cover the cost of delivery within Canada and the United States. I do not cover the cost of any returns.

For custom builds I suggest we have a chat were we can discuss everything from neck contour to inlays and stains.