I’ve had my Fintan McEnroe mandolin for a year now and I’m just as overjoyed with it as the first day I had it in my hands.  The design, craftmanship, and most of all, sound are second to none.  My instrument was made uniquely for me and I now treasure it along with my finest instruments.  It is a joy to play and a joy to hear.  It’s a world class instrument made by  a world class luthier.  Miigwech Fintan.  Thank you for a mandolin that has charmed my heart.

Don Couchie, Toronto



I am overjoyed with my FinMc mandolin.  Fintan crafts instruments with true character and this particular example is no exception.  It has incredible drive as well as a wonderful sweetness in the highs.  I’ve had the instrument in the studio on numerous occasions and it sounds great in front of a mic, with a richness of tone that you’d never expect from a mando that came out of his shop less than two years ago.  The neck is shaped beautifully and has just the right feel.  His exacting custom inlay work is also stunning and lends a very premium look to the instrument.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s a pleasure to collaborate with in the design and development process.  Highly recommended.

Steve Yacht, Toronto


I had been shopping for the right mandolin for what seemed like an eternity when I met my Fin Mc #5. I was immediately left speechless by the feel and tone, then further noticing the detail of the woodwork and inlays. I was overtaken with joy! Excellent craftsmanship all round and Fin is an even better person to work with.

Joe Haugh, Port Huron. Michigan                                                                                  

 We recently purchased a Fin Mc mandolin and we couldn’t be happier. Beautiful craftsmanship, lovely tone and great playability! Thank you, Fintan for this lovely instrument, we consider it a new family heirloom to pass down and will be enjoying it for many years to come! 

Annie Scott, Lander. Wyoming

I absolutely love my Fin Mc mandolins. As the proud owner of two built by Fintan – a mandolin and an f-style octave I can honestly say these are magnificent instruments in both craftsmanship and sound. Fintan is a pleasure to work with from the planning stages to the final details and inlay work. The sound and build quality of these instruments is absolutely beautiful. I would highly recommend Fin Mc mandolins to anyone looking for a premium quality hand built mandolin.

Ken McCue, Barrie Ontario